PTSD: It’s Damaging Impact on Individuals, Families, and Communities

PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is usually associated with combat. However, after the Vietnam War, when extensive research made its symptoms more widely known, doctors then discovered that women and children had symptoms of PTSD caused by violence and abuse within the so-called safety of their homes. Read…

Become Aware of the Impact of PTSD

June 29, 2012
June is PTSD awareness month in North America. As Dennis Charney, M.D. says, “I feel it is an underrecognized, underdiagnosed disorder. It is also undertreated. It hasn’t been researched enough to develop new treatments.” Find out more…

The Hidden Consequences of Child Rape

March 12, 2011
“The amount of sexual abuse that takes place in our country is unacceptable, and even less acceptable is our nation’s sense of apathy,” wrote Dr. Boyce Watkins on his blog this week in response to recent arrests of eighteen men (thirteen adults and five juveniles) in Texas, on charges of gang raping an 11-year-old girl late last year. Read…

The Worst Form of ‘Pollution’: Wasted Lives

22 April 22, 2010
Social and health problems escalate each year, defying all efforts to reduce them. Solutions lie within us all, yet who has the courage to look within and make changes that will benefit everyone their life touches?  Read…

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