Creating Happy Children

August 08, 2013
Children are full of life. Remove the darkness of negativity and fear and they radiate happiness like a sun bursting with light again after the dark clouds have rolled away. This is what I discovered while teaching creative drama to many children who came from troubled homes. Read…

Make Mistakes. Lots of them! And Learn.

August 19, 2012
Perhaps I will mostly be remembered by my students as that ‘crazy’ teacher who used to say, “I want you to make lots of mistakes.” I could always feel myself grinning inside each time I saw their astonished faces. Read…

The Hidden Consequences of Child Rape

March 12, 2011
“The amount of sexual abuse that takes place in our country is unacceptable, and even less acceptable is our nation’s sense of apathy,” wrote Dr. Boyce Watkins on his blog this week in response to recent arrests of eighteen men (thirteen adults and five juveniles) in Texas, on charges of gang raping an 11-year-old girl late last year. Read…

The Joy of Connecting with your Inner Child

June 26, 2010
When many of us feel lost and wonder how we can be better parents, connecting with the child who lives within us can show us how we can guide our children with love. Read…

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