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Children make lots of mistakes as they learn.Make Mistakes. Lots of them! And Learn.

August 19, 2012
Perhaps I will mostly be remembered by my students as that ‘crazy’ teacher who used to say, “I want you to make lots of mistakes.” I could always feel myself grinning inside each time I saw their astonished faces. Read…

Nikau Flower and FernsDepression Has A Safety Net

November 15, 2012
So, you have taken a tumble into depression. Perhaps it felt like you were desperately trying to balance on a tightrope, and fell. As I have discovered from years of dealing with depression, there is a safety net that can stop you from… Read…

A Balancing ActUnlocking the Puzzle of Symbols in Art

October 06, 2012
Art therapy made many vague and unpleasant feelings within me ‘visible’ so that I could ‘see’ what caused them and begin the process of integrating and healing childhood abuse and trauma. For me it was a way to gain access to ‘forgotten’ memories.  Read…

Crooked Path of LifeArt Can Unlock the Door to the Unconscious

October 01, 2012
Exploring the unconscious is a crooked path of not only reclaiming ‘forgotten’ memories and dark secrets, but also ‘hidden’ gifts and talents. It can also show you how you need to love yourself so you can offer this gift to others. Read…

LettersThe Gift in a Letter

September 30, 2012
Gifts can be found everywhere in life – and often in unexpected places. I learned this many years ago while I was hurriedly packing for a move to Singapore. I came across an old letter… Read…

Trapped on a Merry-go-roundBecome Aware of the Impact of PTSD

June 29, 2012
A PTSD diagnosis is based on a severe trauma which causes distressing symptoms such as hypervigilance, being easily startled, having exaggerated responses to minor stressors, insomnia, and constantly re-experiencing the trauma in some way as in flashbacks, an inability to stop thinking about it, or in nightmares. Read…

HippocampusPost-Traumatic Stress Disorder

June 29, 2012
An informative talk given by Dennis Charney, M.D. about PTSD to the NIMH Constituency Outreach and Education Program Meeting in 2004. This talk gives a very good overview of PTSD symptoms and the types of risk factors for PTSD in the general population.  Read…

How to escape the victim trapHow to Escape The Victim Trap

January 31, 2012
Like me, you may be a victim of your compulsion to help victims. Learn how to escape this trap. Read…

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