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Children PlayingThe Joy of Connecting with your Inner Child

June 26, 2010
When many of us feel lost and wonder how we can be better parents, connecting with the child who lives within us can show us how we can be present to our children and guide them with love.

Mystical Experiences That Heal the Soul

December 22, 2010
Have you ever had a mystical experience that has taken you outside the realm of your ‘normal’ life, or even beyond the reality of physical existence? What can these experiences teach us about life and love?

The Gift of Zeehaen

November 20, 2010
During those times when it feels like your whole world has fallen apart, there is often a gift of healing. This healing came during the rebuilding of a yacht that foundered on a sandbar shortly after my marriage broke up.

The Harm of Labels: A Story About Jack

November 03, 2010
Labelling someone with a mental disorder without exploring its underlying causes and prescribing medication without appropriate counselling can create huge harm. This story shows the role early childhood trauma can play in creating mental illness and the huge waste of talent it leaves in its wake

Listening Can Change a Child’s World

October 14, 2010
Children’s bad behaviour often raises the alarm about something that is having a negative emotional impact on them. Listening to what they say can change their world for the better. Sometimes it can save a life.

How Children’s Self-Esteem is Torn Apart

October 02, 2010
From my students I learned that low self-esteem was not only caused by parents fighting, other children being mean or calling them names, or even sibling hatred; it was also caused by not performing well in school. But when I dig a little deeper and refer to my clients’ counseling files, more disturbing contributing factors emerge…

Take Off the ‘Shoes’ That Don’t Fit

September 08, 2010
Exchanging shoes during an exercise with a partner to try to picture certain aspects of their life, my partner offered insights into my own life that showed why I wasn’t living my life for me.

Learn From the Past to Enjoy the Future

September 03, 2010
Are you still bitter and unhappy about something that happened in the past? This is a story about what ‘Grandma’ showed me can happen when you hang onto past pain and the anger that accompanies it.

Men can be free of anger

August 18, 2010
What it means to be a man has been deeply ingrained within the race memory; a memory built upon war and destruction. I sense that many men today have layers built one upon the other to cover hurts they are not ‘supposed’ to feel.

Love Ourselves First

August 10, 2010
Today I received a letter from a friend who wrote, “I have no idea what love is… I tend to ‘love’? whoever shows me the slightest affection.” A male client recently revealed his true sentiments about relationships when he said…

Treat Children with Respect

August 04, 2010
While I was training to become a teacher I was struck by a lecturer’s remark that no matter what we learned about teaching practice, the most powerful model we would use was how we ourselves were taught. This also applies to parenting.

 I’m Sorry. I Love You…

July 24, 2010
The power of love is the most amazing ‘medicine’ I have witnessed in its ability to heal. Read how Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len used his desire to love and heal himself, heal…

The Importance of Loving Yourself Unconditionally

July 14, 2010
You can prevent the negative patterns resulting from childhood abandonment, abuse, or parental violence from being handed down to future generations by taking the the vital first step of…

Forgiveness Heals the Past

July 02, 2010
Opening the heart to love can be painful. It may mean that we need to forgive those who have hurt us, but ultimately it will bring us peace.

Value yourself and stop being a victim

June 17, 2010
Do you feel like a victim? Here are some simple tips to change the way you see yourself so that others will treat you differently.

Receiving is vital to continue giving

June 14, 2010
Do you rush around giving to others all the time and then end up feeling depleted and resentful? Here’s how you can change this pattern.

Love Yourself and Change Your Life

June 05, 2010
Several years ago I traveled to the United States looking for a teacher to show me how I could evolve and change my life for the better. When a young man stopped me and asked for 27 cents…

World’s problems have a personal source

May 11, 2010
In his honest and eloquently written book, “Earth in the Balance”, Al Gore, [former] vice-president of the United States makes an interesting observation: “The more deeply I search for the roots of the…

Abundance, not Material Wealth

April 27, 2010
The greatest potential wealth we possess are our many gifts and talents. How we cultivate them determines both inner and outer abundance.

Learning to Heal Yourself

April 27, 2010
Everyone has the power within them to be their own healer, teacher and guide, yet we constantly seek answers outside ourselves and give away our power.

Healing Starts with Love for your Own Inner Child

April 27, 2010
‘Penny’ is a beautiful woman, yet she cannot see this after being rejected as a baby with a birth defect. How can we heal the trauma of rejection?

The Worst Form of ‘Pollution’: Wasted Lives

April 22, 2010
Social and health problems escalate each year, defying all efforts to reduce them. Solutions lie within us all, yet who has the courage to look within and make changes that will benefit everyone your life touches?

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