There is always light to be found in darkness if only we could…

  • Open our eyes to see the truth and separate it from the lies we tell ourselves and the fantasies that hide it,
  • Open our ears to hear the loving guidance of our inner voice and develop the faith and trust to follow it,
  • Open our hearts to feel both pain and joy so that we may experience the empathy and love that connects us all as one, and allows us to feel compassion for those still lost to themselves in darkness,
  • Open our minds to learn from the good and bad experiences of life so that wisdom can enrich our souls to become a guiding light to show others a way to discover who they truly are.

To answer Socrates’ famous dictum, “know thyself”,  may be the greatest challenge of your life. At times it may seem like a daunting mission, but one that will help you live life to the full, discovering in the process your capacity and potential as a human being.

On this website I share my own journey within the darkness, and the wisdom I gained along the way. With my sharing is the hope that it will shine some light on the path you have chosen to travel.

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