A Meditation for Letting Go

This meditation helps you to let go of things that are hurting you - whether it is a person, a negative thought or belief, a fear, or a worry. The gift is peace of mind.
This meditation helps you to let go of things that are hurting you and restores peace of mind.

This is a simple meditation that enables you to let go of things that are hurting you – perhaps a person, a negative thought or belief, a fear, a worry, a traumatic experience, or anything else you feel no longer belongs in your life.

Picture yourself in a forest or woods. See yourself walking or running freely and enjoying being where you are. You turn towards a house – your safe haven in the woods. Go inside and explore your house. Think about what you want to give away. If it is an object or person, wrap it in gift wrapping. If it is a worry, a false belief, or fear, etc. write it down on a card or piece paper and place it in a colourful envelope. Then leave your house and follow a winding path through the woods or forest that will bring you to a clearing where you can see a mountain with a house on top. Follow the trail to the house and knock at the door. A wise man or woman will answer your knock. Say to him or her, “I have come with a gift for you.” The wise person will thank you and take the gift, acknowledge what it is, and then make it disappear or turn it into something else. (My wise man often throws things up into the air where they turn into balloons, birds, or fireworks.) The wise person will give you a gift in return, and often as well, some words of wisdom. Thank the wise person and return down the mountain to your house in the woods.

Because of the feeling of calm and peace this meditation always leaves me with, I have been doing it regularly for over thirty years. Interestingly, I find that I never have to give away the same thing twice.

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