Learning to Heal Yourself

With each fresh fall of snow I felt lighter and freer.

Everyone has the power within them to be their own healer, teacher and guide, yet we constantly seek answers outside ourselves and give away our power.

When we listen to our own inner voice and follow its direction in complete faith, everything we need for our inner healing will come to us.

When I needed some time alone to work on my own healing, I was offered a house rent free for the winter on a secluded shore of Lake Winnipesauke in New Hampshire. Then clothes and money came from unexpected sources and I was led into experiences which helped me heal.

With each fresh fall of snow I grew lighter and freer than I’d ever felt before. Sometimes there were only a few cents left in my purse. I had no idea where money would come from to buy groceries, yet I felt an inner richness growing.

Each morning I declared that all my needs were being met that day, and each day they were – sometimes in almost miraculous ways. But, most of all I learned to trust in the workings of an inner power that could attract to me all that I needed – not necessarily all I wanted, but always what I needed.

To do this I had to sacrifice living in fear, develop the courage to follow what had heart and soul and meaning for me, and trust that I was being guided to where I needed to be for each lesson I had to learn. Materially it was the poorest I have ever been; the shoes I wore all winter were an old pair of sneakers I’d found that would accommodate three pairs of socks. Yet emotionally, this was the most richly rewarding experience of my life.

So what is inner healing all about?

  • Finding the courage to face fears and develop the discipline needed to break self-limiting habit patterns that sabotage happiness and success.
  • Learning to listen to that inner voice that guides us into action, rather than following the voice of fear that causes inaction or destructive reactions.
  • Becoming conscious of all the negative programming, patterns of behaviour, beliefs and unresolved negative experiences that are stored in the subconscious memory. Once brought to awareness, we can make what we find there work for us rather than against us.

I use various meditation techniques to help me access my inner knowing. Answers to questions, new understandings, and insights often pop into my mind when I am completely absorbed in the present moment, or out in nature. Then it is up to me to trust and act on what comes up.

Sometimes I am led to experiences that are not so pleasant, yet the experience always takes me to a part of myself that has not yet healed.

In order to heal we need to take responsibility for what happens in our lives. It’s about dropping out of the ‘blame’ game and facing ourselves and our negative thinking and behaviour in honesty. Most importantly, it requires that we love ourselves enough to want to live for our highest good.

First published in the Ballarat News, November 9, 1994

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