Abundance, not Material Wealth

There is much wealth, diversity, and beauty on this earth that is free for all to enjoy.

Abundance can take many forms. Mostly we regard abundance as material wealth, but abundance can also be the many talents or gifts we possess.

I believe we are poor indeed if we do not cultivate the richness of our talents and develop them to their full potential.

Many of the people who have come into my life over the past few years have mirrored to me the hopelessness that procrastination produces: the tiredness, the misery, the self doubts, and lack of belief in themselves. How can any of us make a worthwhile contribution to our lives, let alone humanity, when we are so impoverished within ourselves by these robbers of our talents?

In the past I put living on hold through busyness and over work, numbed myself with sedatives to avoid facing the pain in my life, and yearned for a relationship to kill the loneliness of my nights. I put my life on hold while I wallowed in grief, anger, bitterness, and resentment, in loneliness and despair.

People around me admired my talents and achievements. But the truth is I was mostly immobilised by fear of living my life to its greatest potential. Self-doubt and feelings that I didn’t measure up haunted me at every turn, until finally I realised that we have all been ‘planted’ here on earth to send forth fragrant flowers which represent all we can be. Yet how can we bloom when we think what we have to share isn’t good enough?

I think of my friend, Jack, whose beautiful paintings are stored in a warehouse, hidden from view. Walking into his apartment was like walking into a magic fairyland…each painting a precious jewel that twinkled brightly on a background of black nothingness that was Jack’s despair. His fears and his lack of belief in himself now keep his work hidden as if in a dense forest where no paths can lead a weary traveller to a clearing that is full of the beauty of many colourful blooms.

By reaching out to share, we clear pathways where travellers may wander to find this clearing…to draw strength and inspiration to continue on their journey to that place where they can bloom. Poverty lies in being unable to see the gifts we have to share with others.

Nature vibrates the very essence of abundance. As the singing of birds in spring gently coax new leaf buds to appear on trees, and warm days beckon them to open and burst forth to greet the sun, I can’t help but marvel at the wonder of abundance all around me. Red stems of ferns unfold with curled leaves. Young leaves in pale autumn colours gradually change to different shades of green before my eyes. The sun highlights new foliage, bathing it in golden light beneath a dense cover of dark greens. This is abundance. And it is all around us at each waking moment, ready to share the richness of its being.

First published in the Ballarat News, November 16, 1994

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