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How High ACE Scores Can Impact Adult Health

Vincent Felitti M.D.

by Juliet Bonnay, 10 November 2017 (updated 25 November 2017)

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can turn “gold into lead,” maintains Vincent Felitti, MD.  Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can turn “gold into lead,” maintains Vincent Felitti, MD. In a groundbreaking study, Dr. Felitti discovered that there was a direct relationship between ACEs and adult health even 50 years later. The more ACEs a person has had the greater their chance of ending up with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, PTSD, a drug addiction, or committing suicide and more.   Read…

Relieve Stress With This Simple Breathing Technique

April 13, 2015
Watch the video about the Éiriú Eolas breathing technique and what makes it so effective, and learn how to master not only your breath, but also your emotional response to difficult and trying situations. This is a great exercise to lull you to sleep if you should wake during the night and start tossing and turning.

Creating Happy Children

August 08, 2013
Children are full of life. Remove the darkness of negativity and fear and they radiate happiness like a sun bursting with light again after the dark clouds have rolled away. This is what I discovered while teaching creative drama to many children who came from troubled homes.

The Negative Consequences of Abuse and Trauma

June 25, 2013
Behind the bulk of mental health problems are “really bad, serious things that are disturbing children over a long period of time,” says Dr. Colin Ross, talking about the psychological impact of childhood trauma and sexual abuse featured in this post.

A Meditation for Letting Go

April 11, 2013
If you have trouble living in present time and instead let bad memories from a painful past stalk your days and nights, or cause fears to cast ominous shadows into your future, try letting them all go to a wise person using this meditation.

Interpreting Dreams Through Art

January 16, 2013
Dreams can tell you a lot about what is going on in your unconscious mind. But how can you decipher what they mean? One way I interpret dreams is to draw or paint an aspect of it that dominates…

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Become Aware of the Impact of PTSD

June 29, 2012
A PTSD diagnosis is based on a severe trauma which causes distressing symptoms such as hypervigilance, being easily startled, having exaggerated responses to minor stressors, insomnia, and constantly re-experiencing the trauma in some way as in flashbacks, an inability to stop thinking about it, or in nightmares.

Love Yourself and Change Your Life

June 05, 2010
Several years ago I travelled to the United States looking for a teacher to show me how I could evolve and change my life for the better. When a young man stopped me in New Orleans and asked for 27 cents, I discovered what I most needed to teach myself.

Unlocking the Puzzle of Symbols in Art

October 06, 2012
Art therapy made many vague and unpleasant feelings within me ‘visible’ so that I could ‘see’ their source and begin the process of integrating and healing childhood abuse and trauma.